Spiel at Web Summit 2014 / by James Kelleher


“This whole thing about bitching about the man, or waiting for the opportunity, is just bullshit. The tools of the insurgency, of production, are at the ends of your hands and it behoves you to make things. The solution to writer’s block or creative block is to continue the activity until it gets good.” - David Carr

As part of the Web Summit fringe, Pilcrow + Le Cool hosted Breaking Story, a discussion with David Carr (The New York Times) and Shane Snow (Contently). It was one of my favourite Spiel events to date. You can listen to the full audio below, and there are a couple of shorter excerpts too (in particular, make sure you check out Shane’s astonishing ISIS story). 

⁋ Photos by Con O'Donoghue. Thanks to our speakers, everyone at CKSK, to Michael, Olivia and Ross at Le Cool for helping to make this happen, and to Simon Judge for audio help.