Beware of geeks bearing GIFs / by James Kelleher

There's been a healthy GIF art scene happening on Tumblr for yonks. Now, because I'm an old duffer and old duffers have to relate absolutely everything to something that happened during the time when they didn't release an involuntary relief-grunt upon sitting down, it reminds me of the Amiga demo scene in its early nineties heyday. There seems to be the same sort of friendly rivalry to push limits inside very particular technical constraints and a love of geometry and psychedelia. Where the contemporary GIF scene differs is that its best practitioners (see below) are much choosier about their use of colour – a lot of Amiga demos liked to throw every possible colour they could render at the screen – oh, and they're possible to watch for extended periods without your eyes exploding. 

from   Zolloc

from Zolloc

from  mr. div

from mr. div

from   dvdp

from dvdp