Gold: The Very Best of The Lonely Beast / by James Kelleher


Now that we’ve had a chance to futz around with iOS 8 for a while, and fix up all sorts of details for the iPhone 6, we figured we’d try out one of these newfangled app bundles. So you can now get both Lonely Beast early learning apps in a single pack, The Lonely Beast: Letters & Numbers, at a whopping 20% discount.

If you already own one of the apps, you can use the ’Complete My Bundle’ feature and you’ll only have to pay the difference between the bundle price and what you’ve already paid.

In other app news, we’ve just released a big update for our counting app The Lonely Beast 123. It’s now available in French too (where it’s called La Bête Solitaire 123), we’ve unlocked the micropig in the bathroom cabinet, added hoof mufflers to the sheep, and increased toilet simulation fidelity to an industry-leading 93.4%.