The Lonely Beast stickers (and some handy iOS 10 Messages tips) / by James Kelleher

We were long overdue a new bit of Beast on the App Store, so we've put together a bunch of 71 stickers that you can plaster your iOS messages with. Whether you want a handy visual reference to cake, animals, hats, ties, windmills, robots, birds or Beasts, we've got you covered. Get the (free) stickers on the Messages App Store here: The Lonely Beast

iOS 10's first implementation of stickers is a little bit finicky and they've made a couple of features damn near invisible, so here are a few tips that I had to learn by poking the screen randomly. First off, you can 'peel' stickers and drop them on chat bubbles, on top of photos, or on top of other stickers – just tap and hold a sticker, and drag it wherever you want. Chat bubbles will change colour slightly when you've got them in a spot that's OK to drop.

You can also resize and rotate stickers while you're dragging them – just put another finger elsewhere on the screen and move it around. It seems that you can't shrink stickers to a size smaller than their starting scale. 

Lastly, if someone's gotten a bit too handy with stickers to the point where they've covered a bit of text that you'd actually like to read, tap and hold the chat bubble and the stickers will temporarily disappear.