The Flight of The URLs / by James Kelleher

Jazzmine Beaulieu shoots the Holi Festival-inspired A Colourful Life.

The headquarters of FIFA takes up about 11 acres on a wooded hill above Zurich ... In a Strangelovian lair on the third subterranean level, Blatter holds executive committee meetings in a conference room with a floor of lapis lazuli. The room is lit by a round, crystal chandelier meant to evoke a soccer stadium.

Bloomberg Businessweek on the inner workings of FIFA. (Thanks to Joe O'Donnell for pointing me to this piece.)

Vanity Fair used a computer without internet to keep its Caitlyn Jenner cover secret. 

British Airways senior first officer Mark Vanhoenacker writes about the experience of flying from London to Tokyo in In Flight, a beautifully executed piece for the New York Times.

Listen to the title track from the upcoming Beirut album, No No No: