The White Man's Burden / by James Kelleher


The New Mexico Law Review has put together a once-off Breaking Bad-themed issue, including essays on intellectual property, plea bargaining, attorney-client privilege and Skyler White as a totem for an entire class of women caught up in America's war on drugs. All of which is a cute pretext for attracting a larger audience to a niche journal. 

Recommended: Elizabeth N. Jones' paper [PDF] on the tension between the Alberquerque represented in the TV series and the Alberquerque whose over-armed police department has visited a relentless slew of brutality against its most vulnerable citizens.

The city strove to become even more like the broadcast version of itself, complete with a tidy financial profit. Small businesses made money by selling goods inspired by the show, such as ‘Blue Sky Donuts’, and spa products advertised to ‘relax away the Bad’. Candy stores designed blue rock crystal candy to look like methamphetamine ... Albuquerque promoted actors’ appearances at local businesses, sold them homes, and even sought their political endorsements at times.
— Elizabeth N. Jones, New Mexico Law Review

You can read the entire issue here.