16 Of Somebody Else's Photos That Lovin Dublin Used Without Bothering To Credit / by James Kelleher

Update 10/12/2015: Lovin Dublin have now edited their post to include a credit, which probably took them about 30 seconds. Well done everyone.

In news that will surprise nobody, Lovin Dublin have created another listicle based on other people's time and effort, but forgotten to tell their readers who those people are. The original post is linked here using DoNotLink, because spite. Here are a few things that Lovin Dublin could do to be slightly less awful. 

1. Squid in a clog

Photo by  Howard Nye  via  We Want Plates

They could credit the original blog that most of these photographs appeared on, We Want Plates (itself an aggregator of other people's photos, which makes Lovin Dublin an aggregator aggregator). Maybe they could link to the blog itself, or to their Facebook page  or to their Twitter account  Preferably at the start of the post, maybe at the end of the post, but honestly, anywhere would be an improvement. 

2. A wooden block

They could embed a tweet, which might throw the original photographer a few crumbs of attention from the audience that their site attracts. Here's Twitter's support article that shows you how to do exactly that, but I know they know because they've done it before, the cheeky silly billies.


3. Champagne in a welly

Photo by  Kitty Roe    via   We Want Plates

You could credit the actual person who took the photo. This photograph of some prosecco in a welly was taken by London actress Kitty Roe. Here's her Twitter account – @kittyroeactress – and a link to her website which includes a resumé for people who might want to hire her, probably more for her acting skills rather than her welly photography, but you never know.


4. Seafood platter on a coral shell

Countless other sites have managed to cover We Want Plates and share the credit in various ways, including The Daily EdgeBuzzfeedVice (who bothered to interview WWP creator Ross McGinnes), and The Guardian. Some of them even managed to write a bit of context and colour around what is, at heart, a sequence of funny photographs. In summary, please stop being such a colossal bunch of lazy so-and-sos and start crediting the people who help to bring profitable traffic to your site. 

5. Lasagne in a 1948 iron lung

There aren't actually 16 photos. You get the point.