Near Mint / by James Kelleher

Brian McMahon's blog Brand New Retro has spent the past four years making Irish print ephemera a little less ephemeral. He digs through charity shop bins and his gigantic collection of magazines, books, pamphlets and record sleeves, scans the best bits, and posts them for the world to see. The site will either make you very happy that you live in 2015, or make you pine for more innocent days when 'At Home With Mrs. Dickie Rock' was a unit-shifting cover line. 

Like any long-running blog worth its salt, there's a book on the way. Liberties Press launches Brand New Retro – with an introduction by Mr. Pussy – on Thursday 26th November at The Workman's Club

You can also see Brian speaking with Joe Collins and Sinead Kenny at Banter tonight (Wednesday 25th November) at MVP, where he'll be offering up (among other things) a copy of the last ever issue of The Slate as a spot prize. 

Here are a few of my favourite bits of BNR so far – click on the images to see the full posts.